The Masters® Philosophies


Some of the fundamental philosophies which guide The Masters movement, include the beliefs that:

  • All men are equal, being normal is non existent, we are all different;
  • People want to be involved in decisions that affect them;
  • People take pride in themselves and their contributions;
  • People want to share in the success of their efforts and some need guidance to discover, develop and using their talents;
  • Paradigm shifts are needed in all aspects of society e.g. social, cultural, economical, governmental and we can all contribute to make this happen for the better.

The Masters®  is committed to creating a sense of belonging in an environment of mutual trust, respect and dignity. We sense that change is critical to the prosperity of all and generations to come.


The Masters® is committed to adhering to the following values:

  • Trust an Respect for the individual
  • Open and honest “WE” community and teamwork
  • Continuous improvement
  • Commitment to excel in helping those in need of their basis constitutional rights as a worthy participant of society


  • Grow The Masters® brand and enhance change for the benefit of all;
  • Fulfill The Masters ® promise
  • Live The Masters®  values and philosophies
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