Masters® Homes & Wijkhuis

The Masters® Home

Is one of the further developed concepts by The Masters®. In this form of accommodation, self-rule in living, working and welfare is central. The MasterHome is a partially protected form of living, where its occupants have access to care if necessary. In this type of home, students and the “differently” developed live together and make this new form of care possible. Operating in this method requires 60% less investment than current forms of protected living, whereby creating a strong link between the social and economic advantage of this arrangement.
The Masters® Wijkhuis

The “Wijkhuis” or “neighbourhood house” is what we call the freely accessible part of the home, where neighbourhood residents can eat, have meetings and make presentations. Residents work in the home so that they can learn on the job, this experience will help them to live and work independently in the future.

“Passend wonen, community building en betekenisvol ondernemen in de wijk onder één dak”

Bent u of kent u iemand die interesse heeft in het wonen in de nieuwe woonvorm “Masters® Home” of heeft u interesse om te werken in het Wijkhuis? Neem contact op!

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