The Masters® Academy & Social Firm

Are you normal? 

No. You’re different, just like us. Nobody is the same but everyone gets the same equal opportunity to join. Together we work on the "art of the new life together".

The Masters® helps and supports a diverse range of people and groups who ask for help.

  1. The “differently” developed, physically, psychologically, 18+
  2. The “differently” developed, socially, post-juvenile care, youngsters with behavioural issues 18+
  3. Unemployed, made redundant or those in need, those who want to work freelance.
  4. Those who are not self-sufficient and who are unable to live without support and care.
  5. Institutions, companies, organisations, citizens and the government.

The Masters® Academy: “Experiencing through learning while at work”

The Masters® Academy is coached by a team of professionals, some of which work on a volunteer basis. They determine both the theoretical and practical curriculum for each Master, taking into account their attitude, behaviour, skills, experience and competencies. Each person’s talents and potential to develop are considered for every Master, "learning by doing and experiencing" is central to this.

The direct placement in a work environment has proven to be an ideal combination with tailor-made coaching and guidance.

What distinguishes The Masters® Academy is the way that people are guided. With love and care, challenging yet respectful. If you want it, then everything is possible!

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The Academy cannot exist without the Social Firm.

The Social Firm is those at The Masters® who are in direct contact with the stakeholders and partners. Ranging from institutions, owners of property which have civic potential, entrepreneurs, residents, municipality and the province. They manage the network around The Masters® and orchestrate the key processes surrounding fundraising. They oversee the building and conversion of MasterHomes as well as the setting up of Masters® Services & Care points. In addition, they are the point of contact for all The Masters® partners and friends. Furthermore, they safeguard our values ​​and standards by monitoring and paying attention to every detail. They are experienced project managers who are at the center of our entire operation.

They are the great "connectors" of people and are the driving force for change in the care system. The Masters® Academy & Social Firm work in tandem when it comes to ideas and the practical implementation of more effective, more efficient, enjoyable and loving care. The two elements work together to encourage the government and its institutions to leave their comfort zone and break away from traditional practices and to join The Masters® in our mission to revolutionise the care system.

Due to the enterprising and contemporary nature of the initiatives of The Masters® and its unique way of thinking, the The Masters® Academy & Social Firm is frequently asked to present their applied ideas and concepts in practice to organisations, institutions and the government.

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