The Masters® Story

When and Why?

It all began in 2009, when The Masters® began to help those who are “weaker” in our community. Those who cannot make it alone, need guidance. They need to be supported down the path of discovery and personal development, whilst learning to utilise their own talent and abilities in order to become a fully-fledged and accepted member of society. Yet, those who deviate from the “normal” path, are too often scolded for being crazy, and the fact that they are “different” is held against them. Labelled “hopeless” because they are not the same. What are you, are you “normal”? It is those who are “different” that The Masters® organisation seeks to help. 

We want those who are “different” to become aware of their potential, and to live their dreams, we discourage blindly following the outdated care system, instead we believe in doing it “differently”. We do this because we want our clients to never give up on bringing the best out of themselves.

How? And the way forward.

An innovative movement was set in motion, which after experimentation and development has led to the discovery of new approaches to social and economic issues within the care system. In 2015, we transformed our ways in the pursuit of professionalism. We began to record all our experiences, and any knowledge or understanding we may have learned.

Results and The Masters® 2018

Since its conception five years ago, The Masters® movement has continuously development its methods and is now seen as a “game-changer” within the care sector. The Masters® is an example to others and has a variety of initiatives and practices which are widely recognised as the model method. The movement inspires and helps individuals, organisations and institutes who want to be part of this change. The government also benefits from the change, with their own role transitioning as practices are developing.

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